Joining the national Geo-Psy network means benefiting from a specialised training in psychotraumatology at no cost. It is to develop your customer base and to practice on site right near you. It’s meeting people and creating a bond. We will show you how to use our Incident Stress Management system. And, whenever you have a query, our management team is just a phone call away, always there to assist you.


Be part of Geo-Psy’s network of clinicians in a few steps
selectedandtrained1.Become selected and trained

You are interested ? Simply send us your CV and we will arrange a phone call. A live webinar training is planned to to coach you in psychotraumatology in line with to Geo-Psy’s standards and also to help you familiarise with the digital tool. Throughout the year, the network will be animated with trainings and meetings related to your profession.


2.Login and manage your own online space

Once you join Geo-Psy, a personal and secure space is created by our management team. You can log in at any time to manage your information and update your profile. You will be alerted of new requests of intervention through your online space.


3.Indicate when you cannot provide crisis intervention

Each week, indicate when you won’t be available, this will just take a minute. There is no minimum time of availability required, no obligation.

manage intervention4.Receive and manage interventions in your area

You will receive demandes of intervention in your area via SMS and WEB notifications. You can then manage them directly via your personal Geo-Psy space and get in touch with the customer. Our service is made to respond quickly to requests from customers, your responsiveness to accept interventions is essential.

liaise with customer

5.Liaise with the customer and manage the intervention

Once the intervention is confirmed, you will instantly call the client to establish a first contact, introduce yourself and support him if necessary. This will also be a good chance to organise your visit.

provide feedback6.Provide feedback

Once the intervention is completed, go to your personal space to close the intervention. You complete a summary report for Geo-Psy teams and make your recommendations to the customer if deemed required.

Receive a training in traumatology and in our system usage

We want to give you all the keys to provide psychological care on site in the best possible conditions. This is why, once selected to be part of the network, we offer a day of training to our innovative tool and to crisis interventions.


Get in touch if you are:  

You are a qualified counsellor and/or psychotherapist

You are part of a recognised professional body (BACP/HCPC/UKCP/NCS)

You have a professional liability insurance

I have a recent smartphone with Internet

You are fairly available