Geo-Psy UK is part of Pro-Counselling Limited

Registered office address:
Office 90
105 London Street

Registered in England and Wales under number 10345435
Email address:

Date these terms are conditions were updated: October 2018

Article 1 – Object

The terms and conditions outlined here are related to the services sold by Geo-Psy UK, a brand of Pro-Counselling Limited with registered office address in Office 90, 105 London Street, Reading, RG1 4QD, to the customers of Geo-Psy UK known here as ‘user”. The service consist of connecting via telephone and face-to-face professionals with individuals, or other professionals, through the use of a website and a mobile application.

Article 2 – Price

The price for our services is indicated in pound sterling (£) and excludes VAT and other taxes applicable at the time of the order. A VAT of 20% is applicable to each of our services:

-On-site intervention 1 hour: £100 exc. VAT
-On-site intervention 2 hours: £190 exc. VAT
-On-site intervention 3 hours: £270 exc. VAT
-On-site intervention 4 hours: £350 exc. VAT
-On-site intervention 5 hours: £420 exc. VAT
-On-site intervention 6 hours: £490 exc. VAT
-On-site intervention 7 hours: £550 exc. VAT
-On-site intervention 8 hours: £600 exc. VAT

Our service is only available in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

All orders are paid in Pound Sterling.

Pro-Counselling Limited reserves the right to modify the price at any time, but any service will be charged at the price indicated at the moment the order was placed subject to availability.

Article 3 – Bookings

The user can book an on-site intervention via our website or via our mobile application on the App store or Google Play.
Details on how to book: to book an on-site intervention, the user fills in all the fields required, a pre-authorisation of the payment will be processed following the booking, and the user will be debited within 7 days following the booking confirmation. A booking confirmation will be sent to the user via email. A customer account will be created automatically. The user will be able to review all infromation of the on-site intervention as well as the invoice.

The contractual terms are presented in English and shall be confirmed by the user at the latest at the moment of booking the on-site intervention.

Pro-Counselling Limited reserves the right to not accept payment and to not confirm a booking for any particular reason, and more specifically in case of a technical issue, or in case of other difficulties related to the booking request received.

Article 4 – Confirmation of a booking

All bookings coming from our website or our mobile applications are governed by the present Terms and Conditions of use. All booking confirmation convey the complete agreement of the user with the present terms and conditions, without any exceptions or reservations. All the information provided by the user and the booking confirmation are proof of the transaction. The user declares complete understanding of these conditions. The booking confirmation is the equivalent of the user’s signature and acceptance of the services provided. A summary of the information related to the user’s booking and of the present terms and conditions will be sent to the user in a PDF format to the email address provided by the user as part of the booking confirmation.

Article 5 – Payment

The act of confirming a booking represents the user’s obligation to pay the price indicated for the service.
The payment of the service is done via debit or credit card with our payment system Worldpay or PayPal. The payment method will be debited 7 days after the request for on-site intervention.

Article 6 – Refunds

The user has until the clinician has been on site 30 minutes to exercise the right for a refund without having to justify the motives or pay any penalties. Please contact us on +44 (0) 118 3246 425 or by email, we will proceed with the immediate cancellation of the on-site intervention and a refund of the payment.

Article 7 – Availability

Our services are available in the United Kingdom. To provide this service we depend on our network of clinicians that is being continously developed. It is possible that we do not have a clinician available in the user’s area at the time of the booking and in this case the user’s booking will not be followed through. In case of unavailability after the booking confirmation, the user will be informed via email. The user’s booking will be automatically cancelled and the user will not be charged.

Article 8 – On-site interventions

On-site interventions
We provide interventions of different durations: 1 hour to 8 hours. The selection of the duration can be made on our website or via our mobile application. Our prices are fixed, and there are no additional charges.

Our service includes:
-The on-site intervention booking made through our website.
-The call from the selected clinician to arrange the intervention.
-The creation of a customer account that the user can access online to review the on-site intervention details, as well as the progress status of the intervention: clinician on its way, intervention in progress, intervention closed.
-The visit of a clinician for his or her on-site intervention.

Article 9 – Responsibilities

Pro-Counselling Limited cannot be liable for losses derived from a malfunction from the side of the user as well as for issues from the staff of the user’s company. Any damage must be highlighted to Pro-Counselling Limited by the user (customer) within 48 hours of their occurrence. Failure to do this prevents the liability or any other responsibility of Pro-Counselling Limited. The interventions that are scheduled but are not delivered to the user, particularly those where a cancellation is made outside the permitted time, or where it is not possible to access the premises, will not be reimbursed by Pro-Counselling Limited.
Pro-Counselling cannot be liable for the inconveniences caused by the use of the Internet network, such as a failure with the service, external intrusion or the presence of a computer virus.

Article 10 – Law applicable in case of dispute.

This term and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and each Party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts over any claim, dispute or matter arising under or in connection with this Agreement or its enforceability.

Article 11 – Intellectual property

All the elements of the website are and will remain the intellectual property of Pro-Counselling Limited. No one is authorised to reproduce, exploit, diffuse, or use under any term, even partially, elements of this website, including software, visuals or sounds. Any use of link or hypertext is strictly forbidden without the written agreement of Pro-Counselling Limited.

Article 12 – Personal Data

When the user downloads our mobile app, or visits our website, Pro-Counselling Limited collects automatically technical information. This section provides more details of the technical information that we collect, and why we collect it.

IP address and other information collected automatically: we can collect the user’s IP address when the user visits our website in order to help us identify issues in our main computers, to manage the system and to audit the use of our website. We never link IP addresses to personally identifiable information. We can also collect information regarding the type of Internet browser, Internet Service Provider, referring website, exit page, files seen in our website (eg. HTML sites, graphic elements, etc.), exploitation systems, time and date, and/or information regarding the navigation on our site. All this to analyse trends aggregating this data and to manage the website.

Repeated sessions: when the user visits our website, we will sometimes record information regarding the user’s session and the pages visited on our website. We analyse this information to identify possible technical issues, to analyse the functioning of our website, and to improve the user experience.

Cookies and other similar technologies: please refer to our cookie’s policy to get more details on the way we use cookies.

Analysis on mobile applications: when the user downloads and uses our mobile app, we use a software that allows us to know if the request is coming from a mobile application. The user’s telephone number is recorded in our data base, which is not visible by Pro-Counselling’s employees. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Article 13- Archives

Pro-Counselling Limited stores the intervention requests and associated invoices in a reliable and durable support that constitutes a complete copy of all requests in accordance to HMRC guidelines.
The electronic register of Pro-Counselling Limited will be considered by all the parties concerned as proof of communication, orders, payments and transaction between all the parties.