This is the privacy policy of PRO-COUNSELLING Limited (from now on “PRO-COUNSELLING” or “we”)for the service GEO-PSY UK. Pro-Counselling Limited is based in the United Kingdom. Details of the company can be found on the who’s managing my data page.

Please take some time to read this privacy policy, as it is important that you know the way in which we collect and manage your personal information. We designate personal information all information related to a living person and that can help identify this person.

PRO-COUNSELLING can modify the content of this privacy policy at any time, so make sure that you check our policy frequently. If we make major changes in our privacy policy with a significant impact on your rights, or within the law, we make any significant changes on the way we use your personal information, PRO-COUNSELLING will inform you of this change by displaying this information in a very visible section of our website, by email and/or by post before the change is made.


PRO-COUNSELLING wishes to reassure you regarding the access to personal information that you provide to us. Please read this privacy policy to find out what we do with your personal information in the context of the service exchange between PRO-COUNSELLING limited and yourself.
This privacy policy covers the personal information that PRO-COUNSELLING collects, utilises and shares when you utilise our service online and offline.
PRO-COUNSELLING requires certain personal information to allow our clinicians to organise and enact the service provision that you requested in the best possible way. We collect personal information when you provide them to us during your request for an on-site intervention on our website or via our mobile apps (analysis of your visit).
The reason why we use this information are described in this privacy policy. There are several legal considerations consider in the current legislation on the data protection that enables PRO-COUNSELLING to use your personal information for this objective.
These considerations are the following: (1) you have given us consent for us to use your personal information for this objective (e.g. you have given us your consent for us to send you electronic messages); (2) we must use this personal information to fulfil our contacts as supplier of this service (statistic reports for your company); (3) when we need to comply to a legal request (e.g. a request for information from a government or police).

These interests will be legitimate when: (a) they ensure the appropriate management of you relationship with us; (b) relate to the way our customers use the service; (c) the make searches and analysis on the service that the customer requests or on the way the customer would like our service to improve; (d) to understand the way our customers use our web and mobile services with the aim of identifying any issues derived from the use of our website or our mobile applications, in order to improve the user experience; (e) to inform our clients of the different services that we can offer; (f) to receive any feedback from our customers and be able to answer to it; (i) to manage any litigation and obtain legal or professional advice. When this is authorised, we collect technical information regarding your devices used to visit our website or our mobile applications. To know more about online data collection, please visit the section on online data.


When you make a request for our services, we collect contact information to allow the clinicians to better understand you request and to organise their intervention. The data collected is the following:

Phone number
Context of the on-site intervention


When you download and visit our website and/or mobile apps, PRO-COUNSELLING automatically collects technical information. This section provides more details of the technical information that we collect and why we collect it.

IP Address and other information collected automatically: we can collect your IP address when you visit our website to be able to identify issues on our systems, to manage our systems, and to audit the use of our website. We never link an IP address to elements of personally identifiable data. We can collect information about your browser, Internet service provider, the page that referred to our site and the page where you left our website, the files that you have seen on our website (e.g. HTML pages, graphic elements, etc.), your operating system, the time, and/or the data use during browsing to analyse aggregated data and to manage the site.

Repeated sessions: when you visit our website, we sometimes record information about your session in our website, including the pages that you have visited. We analyse this information to identify possible technical issues with our website and to improve the users’ interface.

Analysis on mobile application: when you download and use our mobile application we use a software that will allow us to know if the call is coming from the mobile app. You telephone number is recorded in our database. This database is not accessible to staff from PRO-COUNSELLING.


PRO-COUNSELLING uses third parties to show advertising on its behalf. These third parties use information about your visit to our website, and the usage of the mobile application to send you customised advertising that can be of interest to you. None of this information is collected by our company.


We use data analysis software such as Google Analytics as well as others to help us better understand the functionality of our software on the website and the mobile application. These software store technical information about your device, as well as information regarding the frequency of usage of our site or mobile application, the functionalities that you use and do not use from our website or mobile application, the aggregated usage of the website, information about the performance of the site, the source from which the mobile application was downloaded and information about you visit to the website, including details of the navigation on our website.


If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving our newsletter and any other communication from PRO-COUNSELLING you can unsubscribe by sending an email to :


The security of your personal information is very important to us. We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is safe of any unintended use, access, sharing and loss. We take security very seriously, however, there are no systems that are 100% safe, therefore we cannot completely guarantee the protection of your personal information, no more than any other organisation.


PRO-COUNSELLING does not keep your personal information for longer than reasonably necessary or requested by law. The length of storage depends on the type of information and its collection objective. The criteria that we use to determine the length of time we store information are the following:

The existence of contractual or legal obligations that impose us the need to store information during a certain time;

The existence of an ongoing judicial procedure that you have started that relates to us or is related to our commercial relation with us.


You are entitled, according to the current laws on data protection, to the following rights regarding the treatment of your personal information:

Access rights – you have the right to ask a copy of personal information that we have about you and to ask information justifying how your personal data is being used.

Rectification right – you can ask that we rectify personal information that we hold of you.

Deletion right – you have the right to ask that we delete all personal information that we hold of you.

Data treatment right – under certain circumstances, you have the right to request that we do not use the personal information that you have given us (e.g. if you consider that information is not exact).

Portability right – you have the right to request your personal information in a structured format, currently used and read by a machine, and that this information is transferred to another entity responsible of treating your data.

End of consent right – since we treat all your personal data based on your consent (including the consent to direct marketing activities), you have the right to end this consent at any time. However, this will not have an effect in the consent that you gave prior to this event. In addition, event after you end consent, we can continue to use your personal information if the law allows it or request it.

Opposition right – Since we treat your personal information under legitimate interest (or on the interest of a third party), you can oppose this interest. However, we can be on our right to continue treating your personal data under our legitimate interest, or when this is required for actions of justice. You have the right to oppose the treatment of your data for direct marketing.
[In addition, if your national legislation allows it, you can have the right to define directives post-mortem – where you can define directives related to the storage, deletion, and the communication of your personal information after your death].

Please contact our data protection officer to the address indicated in the section on Responsibility of datatreatment and contact details by country if you would like to exercise one of your rights or in case that you are concerned on the way we treat your personal information. You are also free to file a complaint to the relevant authority if you consider that we treat your personal information contrary to the law.


You can contact our data protection officer in relation to issues or questions that you might have on how your personal data is being treated. They act as delegates of data protection:




Telephone: 0118 3246 425


If you wish to contact us, please see details below on the best way to get in touch. When you contact us, we can take some steps to verify your identity for security reasons.

Customer service: 0118 3246 425 /