Where we operate

Geo-Psy is aiming to become a national network of clinicians settling in cities after cities. But for the moment, we are fully operational in London and Greater London. Next, we’re heading to Bristol and Manchester.

When we operate

  • For critical incidents and major traumas:

A violent death, a major accident at work, a natural disaster, a fire, an attack…

  • For moderate incidents and events:

A shock that disturbs a collective or an individual (burnout, decompensation, mourning, imprisonment…)
internal or public violence or incivility, redundancy, police investigation…

  • Minor incidents or events:

A conflict in the workplace or between two staff members, a difficult personality, the death of a colleague…

How to cancel my request for a crisis intervention

If you want to cancel your crisis intervention request contact us at We will cancel the request and your payment and will send you aconfirmation email.

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Password forgotten

Click on password forgotten and you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

I did not receive the email to reset my password

Look in your SPAM maybe our mail has been redirected there or contact us at

What is my online account for?

Your online account is automatically created one you book an intervention. This space is entirely dedicated and secure. It allows you to follow your interventions and access your personal information and billing.
Even after the intervention you can keep track of all related information such as any recommendations from the clinician, and provide some feedback during and after the intervention.

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How our payment system work

You can pay either using Paypal or via Worldpay by entering a debit/credit card information. Each of these options is fully secure and protected.
During your booking for an intervention we make a pre-approval of payment but you will actually be charged within 7 days.
All bookings can be cancelled without being charged until our clinician has been on site up to 30 minutes. contact us by phone +44 (0) 118 3246 425 or by email

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My booking could not be processed

Your booking may not be confirmed for several reasons: we do not have a clinician available in your area at the date and time requested, your payment was declined … Do not worry, try to reformulate your request or contact us by phone +44 (0) 118 3246 425 or by email and we will find a solution together.

I did not receive a confirmation email

Check your SPAM, it is possible the email may have been redirected there. Alternatively, sign in to your online account, check your personal information or go directly to the intervention section you can find the information you provided to us while booking the intervention. If you would like to receive from us another confirmation email, let us know at giving us as much details as possible regarding your booking so that we can retrieve your information. We will process your request as soon as possible.

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How to download our mobile app

Our mobile app is available on Android and App Store, look for it under the name Geo-Psy, download it and install it. No need to create an account or signing in. You can book an intervention right away. Your account will be created automatically.

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