Where we operate

Geo-Psy is aiming to become a national network of clinicians settling in cities after cities. But for the moment, we are fully operational in London and Greater London. Next, we’re heading to Bristol and Manchester.

When we operate

  • For critical incidents and major traumas:

A violent death, a major accident at work, a natural disaster, a fire, an attack…

  • For moderate incidents and events:

A shock that disturbs a collective or an individual (burnout, decompensation, mourning, imprisonment…)
internal or public violence or incivility, redundancy, police investigation…

  • Minor incidents or events:

A conflict in the workplace or between two staff members, a difficult personality, the death of a colleague…

How to cancel my request for a crisis intervention

If you want to cancel your crisis intervention request contact us at contact@geo-psy.com. We will cancel the request and your payment and will send you aconfirmation email.